Here at The Ficarra’s Spa we always strive to be the best; be it through our treatments and through our exclusive natural products. Hence, when the opportunity came to upgrade our once beautiful bottles we were very excited to do so!

Our new Ambience Fragrance Oils now have a crisp and clean look to them, with a handy pipette to allow easy distribution of the product into your oil burner. Don’t be afraid, the product its self hasn’t changed and is still the beautiful fragrances you love which of course are 100% natural.


With the choice of 11 fragrances, your home will soon be immersed with the aroma of the spa…

Amber; Gardenia; Green Tea; Greean Tea & Verbena; Moroccan Fruits; Musk; Orange Blossom; Oud; Sakura; Vanilla; Ylang Ylang. 


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